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Beautifully decorated nails are a fantastic memory that would remain long after the birthday festivities are over.
Girls and women of all ages love painted nails, stunning nail art, and the best return gift that girls would cherish and flaunt for a long time!

Nail Artist

The toughest part of a birthday party is to select fun activities for the girls, one fool proof way to ensure that they have the best time is by calling in a nail artist. Jaipur Event Management has a team of professional nail artists who paint the nails in the most innovative way. If your girl loves cartoon characters, we paint them on their nails. Is your girl attracted to jazz and glitter? We have designs to suit all tastes, we’ll keep all guests busy with making them choose their favorite designs and then crafting them on their nails.

Jaipur Event Management has a range of designs to please all your girl guests, we have cute butterfly and flowery designs, paint cartoon characters, stick gems and finally finish it off with an end coat to ensure that the art doesn’t go away for many days.

Jaipur Event Management nail artist styles include:

  • Sequined nail art, a unique type of nail artistry that your guests can flaunt and grab eyeballs.
  • Floral stamped nail art, a glittering design that no girls would refuse.
  • Bling nail art, nails studded with gems and rhinestones that cannot go unnoticed.
  • Metal finish nail art that shimmers for a long time.
  • Splatter nail art with a palette of mixed colors, colorful enough to become every girl’s favorite.

There are several games and plays and other exciting and fun things that are being organized at the kids birthday party. Other than just playing musical chairs or some kiddy game at the birthday party, parties have become more exciting. Parents have started looking out for other entertaining factors to include in their parties like calling the magicians who can create fun and magic for entertainment. Also many artists these days are being called to entertain. Because these kids’ birthday parties have not just remained for kids. The parents too enjoy themselves. It is for their enjoyment such parties is being organized.

For such themed parties, Jaipur Event Management has a team of a skilled professional who will turn your child’s birthday into an entertainer.

We also provide tattooist and nail artist for themed celebrations. People who want decoration in matching with the costumes and seating arrangements well aligned, look for such artists to add an extra fun factor in the party. We provide nail artists who create and spread joy on the children’s faces. Sometimes children enjoy all such fun things. They are aware of many things like tattoo and nail art and always must have admired and thought of getting it done too. So just to add that extra fun element in your child’s birthday, we also organize birthdays with these talent nail artists.
Our nail artists are very talented and do much fun at the party. The nail paint application, nail art by nail paint, artificial long nails, all such things admire the little bundle of joys. So our effort is to spread this joy by our talented nail artists at your child’s birthday party, for which they wait throughout the year.
Just a call away, dial our contact and get in touch for some amazing décor for kids’ parties.

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