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Mujra is a form of dance originated by tawaif (courtesans) during the Mughal era which incorporated elements of the native classical Kathak dance onto music such as thumris and ghazals or poems of those from other Mughal cultures such as Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Tradition of Mujra

‘Mujra’ is also the traditional way of greeting among Marathas. A slight bow, then flapping the right hand in front of the chest 3 times is the traditional mode of greeting/salutation with which the courtiers in the Maratha princely states greeted their Maharaja, Maharani, their children, and other members of the royal family. It is performed with a good deal of flourish and style, and does not come easily to outsiders. It is still the proper way of salutation among the Maratha royal families, across India.

These days people prefer to organize and experience the mughal era of mujra on various occasions like birthday, bachelors party etc.

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