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Photobooths are fantastic fun for wedding receptions and events. But having one where you just push a button on a countdown timer is so… un-engaging. A photobooth should be interactive, inspiringly fun, and whimsical! But it should also be able to make great professional portraits at a moment’s notice as well. A machine can’t do that. But a live professional photographer can!

Jaipur Event Management’s take on the photo booth is aptly named The On-Site Mini-Studio because that’s what it is. It’s a compact set-up of professional studio lighting, background, digital darkroom, instant print, and slideshow display system that we set-up and run for you. It takes small space but packs a ton of fun and personality. You can choose to have participants get physical prints to take home from your event. All guests will have access to free downloads from a 30-day online gallery after the event. And as the photos from the event come together, they are added to a display that plays a slideshow of the night’s collection. Your guests will gather around it, laugh, cheer, and pull others over to watch with them.

Wedding Reception Photobooth Modern Live Photographer Photo Booth

Props are provided, and you are welcome to add your own. Special requests for unusual props or decor are certainly welcome, as we have access to some amazing themed decor vendors.

The On-Site Mini-Studio can be added to a wedding already being photographed by Jaipur Event Management, or to any event being covered by another photographer.

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