Bagpiper Band (Punjab)

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Bagpipe bands always look so fascinating and listening to the tunes of it is always fun. These bands have their origin rooted to Scottish and Irish military. They were used at formal ceremonies and other national events before. Over the time bagpipes were liked by people and started getting all the fame and their demand for other events arose. Bagpipe bands are now in demand for ceremonies like marriage, corporate events, promotions and other functions as well.

The bagpipe band “Jaipur Event Management” has trained pipers and drummers who have a long time experience of performing in the band. We would select the number of performers in the band as per the requirement of the event. It would sure be a fulfilling experience for each of the guest who attends your function to witness the performance by our Bagpipe band. You would be getting the following benefits once you hire our bagpipe band for your function:

Distinctive music: The welcome music our bagpipe band plays is quite distinct and pleasing to the people in your gatherings. The welcome tones vary as per your desire and requirement. They will play a longer or shorter tune as demanded by you keeping in mind the function for which the band is hired.

Special Music:

We have tunes to suit to different moments and these tunes can really turn those moments into wonderful memories as music plays an important part in any function. For e.g. music to suit to the entrance of the bride into the marriage hall.

Thanking Tunes:

Our Bagpipe band plays music to thank the guests and other important people who had attended your ceremony or the function when the guests are leaving. Each guest feels special warmth and likes to be greeted with these wonderful tunes at their departure from the venue.

Attractive Uniforms:

The uniform our Bagpipe band has looks really attractive and is enough to gain attention from the guests attending your function. They play the tunes in sync and look so well groomed and impeccable in their .

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