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Ring The Product (Hoopla)Looking for a simple, yet fun party game to play at a kid’s birthday bash? Well we provide this Toss the Ring activity for extreme fun and fabulous party. Here the player stands behind the starting line and gets 3 large rings.Then the player throws rings at the products displayed and tries to get the rings around them. Whichever product falls within the ring is owned by the player. We also count up the scores for each player and whosoever gets the most points gets the bonus prize.

Ring The Product (Hoopla) is a popular game at fairs, birthday parties, pool parties, garden parties, family get-togethers, Theme parties, corporate events and many more. There are a variety of products displayed which are to be won by you. For kids we have candies, chocolates, fluffy stuff toys, games, crayon boxes, colourful clay packs, coloring books and many more to be won. For adults we have a huge range of products which will be liked by them. It is an exciting game and played by everyone of different age. Be it young ones or adults, it is enjoyed by all and they will love to play this game again and again.

A ring toss outdoor carnival activity is a game where rings are tossed around a peg.It is common at carnivals rajasthani village mela concept in mehandi or haldi programs in royal wedding of udaipur which is conduct in 5star palace hotel property .A variant, sometimes referred to as “ring-a-bottle” which we conduct many times in bday party for adult as well as for samll kids, replaces pegs with bottles, where the thrower may keep the bottle (and its contents) if successful.
Ring toss is also a game for toddlers and children that can assist in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination development.

Are you looking to add a fun spin to your corporate event, throw a birthday party that your child won’t forget, or even an unconventional engagement party? Whatever the party is, we have the right games for you. Who said that games are only for kids? If you are looking for a games and activities planner in Ahmedabad, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Salumber, , we have got you covered. You can get games for any event which is sure to take people back to their childhood. Adding games and activities to any event will make it a memorable one. Games and activities are a great conversation starter and make the event fun for people of all ages.

Games and activities for kids

Games and activities are a key part of any children’s party. We have both indoor and outdoor games and activities options depending on the location of the party. If you are calling a large number of children to the party, it is a good idea to have multiple gaming stations. This way, different groups of kids can be occupied in different activities and it will be way easier for you to manage. You can have an arts and crafts station, a mini ball game for indoors, and several others. We also have the classic games such as pin the tail on the donkey and many more. We can help you have the best games at your child’s party to make the day extra special.

Games and activities for all Ages

Did you know, you can hire a games and activities organiser in Ahmedabad, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Salumber, , for adults too? As we grow up, we tend to leave these fun games behind. However, adult parties can sometimes become too boring and monotonous, so it’s a good idea to add some zing to it. Why not look back to your childhood for some fun? We provide games and activities for people of all ages. Of course, you can go for something like darts or a foosball table which are clearly adult games. However, you can also go for games such as Jenga. People of all ages can play this game but it would also remind you of the good old days.

We can provide you with games depending on what the theme of your party is. For your next party, hire us as the games and events planner in Ahmedabad, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Salumber, and we promise that we will give you an experience to remember! Depending on what kind of party it is, we can provide you with games that would make it fun. If you have both kids and adults at a party, we can even arrange for games that are suitable for both! In fact, you can hire us to provide games and activities for your grandparents’ party! There is no age bar when it comes to games and having fun, right?

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