Niagara Fall Varmala Concept

Niagara Fall Varmala Concept Jaipur|Cold Fire Pyro Service Ajmer|Best Wedding Revolving Stage Service Jhunjunu

We all know fireworks are part of the weddings and they make weddings splendid. The way fireworks have to be used is a technical thing and job of an expert. Fireworks are used by wedding planners in the most different manner.

We will provide you a few pointers which make the use of fireworks diverse and make the weddings grand.

In a Sangeet event, to make the bride groom entry thematic, the fireworks-only cold fire is used. Also when the bride and groom are giving their performances, the aerial fireworks are used which makes the sangeet event ambiance more colorful. Say specifically during bride dance the effect of the waterfall is created through fireworks, which makes the sangeet ceremony extremely picturesque.

During baraat procession also fireworks are used and mostly aerial fireworks which add to all the colour of happiness in the baraat. Varmala ceremony also has lot of aerial fireworks which gives a feel of aerial or a sky celebrating and blessing the couple’s happiness.

Use of fireworks in the important wedding ceremonies gives a complete look to the wedding celebrations.

  • Fireworks in weddings are used at certain planned moments of a wedding
  • These fireworks are cold ,which just illuminate light and do not produces any harmful chemical substances

Water Fountain Varmala Concept

No to hydraulic No to crane No to dancers… yes!! Because we are introducing latest and game changer of jaimala industry, The Water Fountain. We make the combination of Flower, Candle and Fountain to maintain its the natural and more glance.

Candle Pyramid Jaimala Theme

last season we created Paris with Eiffel tower concept and this season its time to create city of pyramid “Egypt”. We launched a big size candle effect pyramid to fill your jaimala full of flame light and flame heat. (new & latest)

Flower Valley Varmala Concept

This one is the best option in a limited budget, under the all-round ¾ covering flower canopy and special pyro effect make the ambiance elegance to the next level. If You always demand for latest and unique this one for you.

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