Revolving Stage – Pearl Theme

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The Jaimala is a unique attraction at every Hindu wedding. Every wedding has a unique ritual that separates it from other marriages. The Jaimala themes seen in Jaipur and Delhi are quite diverse and attractive. There are multiple options available and you can certainly choose one according to your liking. It is true that many guests come to weddings just to witness this ceremony and you wouldn’t want to leave them disappointed. If organised in a good manner, it leads to great memories and happy guests.

We are adept at creating that perfect moment for you and your loved ones which can be cherished forever. You can leave everything, including the flower decoration, bride and groom entry, the music setup and the stage lighting, to us. We list down some of the trendy ones which have been gaining popularity recently.

• The Maharaja and Maharani Entrance

Everyone wants to feel special on their wedding day. A chattar will surely catch the audience’s eyeballs with the groom in the middle surrounded with royal music playing in the background. The bride can be accompanied by henchmen on a palki dressed as her servants while she moves down the aisle. The brothers, sisters and even friends can serve as the henchmen.

• London Bridge theme

This is an extremely popular theme among Jaipur and Delhities. It can be pulled off with ease too. The couple can be introduced by a video followed by the two parts of the bridge joining to allow the couple to garland each other. It symbolises modernity and exuberance. We also work in this city:-Amber, Bassi, Chaksu, Chomu, Jaipur, Jamwa Ramgarh, Kotputli, Mauzamabad, Phagi, Phulera, Sambhar, Sanganer, Shahpura, Viratnagar.

• Royal Rath theme

The groom and bride can surface on a chariot fit for kings with horses in the front and Lord Krishna at the helm. A romantic song in the background completes the setup. It is sure to take your breath away. It is straight out of the history books.

• Boat Jaimala theme

A boat symbolises the delicate yet sturdy love the couple shares. The life the two of them are going to lead in their little world. A boat entrance showcases the togetherness they share in the ocean of difficulties. The boat can be decorated with garland and fancy accessories.

• Thai Jaimala theme

Those looking for a foreign flavour to this special ceremony can employ the Siam Thai concept consisting of dancers’ ad music from Thailand. The bride’s entry can be preceded by exotic display of performances fit for a queen. We also work in this city:-Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Tonk, Kishangarh, Bharatpur, Ajmer, Kahtu, Didwana, Gangapur City, Bhangarh.

• Shank Seep or Shell theme

A shell might look ordinary, but it holds a valuable entity- a pearl. A dazzling shell can be decorated and be the centre piece of attention. It can open upto reveal a lovely couple leaving the guests awestruck as they garland each other.

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