Wedding Card Revolving Stage Entry Concept

Wedding Card Revolving Stage Jaipur|Royal Jaimala Theme Concept Delhi|Latest Bride Groom Entry Ajmer

Bride Groom Entry Concept,Varmala Revolving Stage Service,Destination Wedding in Jaipur. Jai Mala Revolving Stage, LED Entry, Jaimala Hydraulic Stage, Dulhan Palki. We offers some innovative concepts for Groom’s Entry as well. We make the Groom’s welcome special, with the group of professionally trained Folk Dancers.Moon entry theme, Revolving stage theme, Book theme, Shell shape theme, Hydraulic stage theme, LED wall theme, Open heart theme

Jaipur Event Management, have various types of hydraulic & revolving stages, flower shower machines, different types of palki, doli and chattar for bride & groom entry, royal soldiers, mashaal guys, welcome girls, pari (fairy) for escorting bride & groom in jai mala, reception or ring ceremony with various themes & stage setup.

Wedding is an experience which comes one in a lifetime and to treasure that memory with spirit, passion and fervor the tent houses organizes revolving stages. Through the revolving stages different angles are captured in the camera which makes the event more beautiful.Jaipur Event Management helps you find the best Tent House that offer Revolving Stage in Jaipur.

When we start discussing about the wedding day functions, Var Mala or Jai Mala is one of most important rituals that are performed. Var mala is a garland (Phoolmala) made out fresh flowers. At the reception of the baraat, the groom (Dulha) is then taken to an elevated stage in the wedding place, where the var mala ritual is performed. These days the revolving stage is popular to perform the Var Mala ritual. While he is on the stage, the bride (Dulhan) enters the wedding place escorted with her sisters and friends. She is then made to stand next to the bridegroom. It is here that the ritual of var mala is performed. The bride and the groom exchange their flower garland, by putting it around each other’s neck. Var mala carries an important significance and implies mutual acceptance of both the bride and the groom towards each other, as future husband and wife.

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