Flower sheet for Bride (Phoolon ki Chadar)

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Dressed in a heavy lehenga and decked up with dazzling jewellery, when a bride walks towards her groom with gleaming eyes, the utter beauty of this entire moment is heartily precious. And this beauty certainly doubles up when this auspicious walk is under a stunning phoolon ki chaadar.

An ogle-worthy phoolon ki chaadar takes your bridal entry game a notch above and makes it one unforgettable princess-y moment. In the times when brides are leaving no stone unturned to amp up their wedding entry, you too should definitely stay behind. So, to make sure you put your best foot forward to your own wedding under a breathtaking phoolon ki chaadar, here’s this blog on how to select the perfect one for your big day.

Right from where to buy phoolon ki chaadar from, to guiding you what factors to keep in mind while selecting one, we have tried answering all the key questions you might have regarding this cutesy element of your wedding. And of course, there’s a vivid gallery of versatile designs in the end.

How is the phoolon ki chaadar sourced?
While the Internet is flooded with endless phoolon ki chadar designs, there’s hardly any knowledge available about where to source it from. So, we begin with the most primary information about these floral chaadars.

  1. Majorly, it is the wedding decorator who is responsible to get the phoolon ki chaadar made. So, while you are discussing all the significant details with your wedding decorator, do not miss out on speaking about this tiny yet important detail. What kind of a phoolon ki chaadar you want and what flowers you want in it – discuss it all beforehand so that they customize it accordingly.
  2. You can also get your phoolon ki chaadar made by a florist (local or renowned).
  3. DIY phoolon ki chaadars is also a thing now and a lot of brides are swearing by this in-vogue trend. Right from adorning the chaadar with kaleeras, pom-poms and tassels to amping it up with LED lights, there are umpteen ways you to DIY your phoolon ki chaadar.

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