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Helium Balloon Bouquets

The moment we hear the word ‘balloon’, it causes us to be amused, as we are very much associated to our wonderful childhood days. Holding onto a balloon and running hither and thither with the motive to make it fly higher than our friends, blowing it as big as it could,while teasing our cousins for their small-sized balloons, pouring water and playing water balloons battle, etc. Penning down words on a balloon and making it to fly,while catching the other end of the string in our hand is itself a worthy feel. Now, imagine the helium gas filled balloon unlike air is set to fly in the air with the words describing you and your ceremony. Lakhs and lakhs people down there would wish good luck and cheer for you . While, strangers go jaw-dropped and brag about your ceremony . Yes ! It will surely put you in the state of being a very famous performer, which is an inexplicable feeling.We are available in following cities:-Adarsh Nagar, Agra Road, Ajmer Road, Ajmeri Gate, Ambabari, Amer Road, Bais Godam, Bajaj Nagar, Bani Park, Bapu Bazaar, Bapu Nagar, Barkat Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road, Biseswarji, Brahmapuri, Chandpol, Civil Lines, Durgapura, Gangori Bazar, Ghat Darwaza, Gopalpura, Indira Bazar, Jagatpura, Jalupura, Janata Colony, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Jawahar Nagar.

Jaipur Event Management always take the pride in making you feel special and unique about yourself . Take this spectacular ride with us and be cherished about yourself !

Birthday Decoration

Nothing spells welcome better than an ecstatic display of balloons in vibrant colors and varied designs. We at Balloons unlimited india, provide a splendid collection of balloon decoration just to add that fine touch of fun to your occasion with no compromise on the sumptuous factor. We cover a vast variety of balloon decorations such as balloon arches and columns, balloon sculptures, stage decorations, printed balloons, balloon gift boxes, hydrogen gas balloons, theme based colored and shaped balloons – the options are endless. Our team works ardently to ensure the perfect setting of the event and complete safety and satisfaction of the customer.our management staff are available in following cities:-Jhotwara, Jhotwara Industrial Area, Jhotwara Road, Johari Bazar, Jyothi Nagar, Kalwar Road, Kartarpur, Khatipura, Mahesh Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Mirza Ismail Road, Motidungri Marg, Muralipura, New Colony, Pink City, Raja Park, Ramganj, Sanganer, Sansar Chandra Road, Sethi Colony, Shastri Nagar, Shyam Nagar.

Return Gifts

A significant part of any occasion is gifts. Receiving gifts are exciting but returning the love makes the event memorable. We specialize in customizing your return gifts based on the event and number. We add in our flavor of sincerity even in the smallest details making your exchange gifts distinctive. From traditional wedding thambulams to trendy birthday exchange gifts, we have got your back!

Gratitude is the best attitude we can show our guests. Return gifts is the best way to convey your thankfulness. Excite your guests with our exclusive range of gifts. We have the best return gift ideas for all ages. Personalise the gifts in your own way or just leave it to us, we offer the most memorable return presents your guests would’ve ever received.our services are avaialble in following cities:-Sikar Road, Sindhi Camp, Sirsi Road, Sitapura Industrial Area, Sodala, Subhash Nagar, Sudharshanpura Industrial Area, Surajpol Bazar, Tilak Nagar, Tonk Phatak, Tonk Road, Transport Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Vishwakarma Industrial Area.


Every day is a special day. Birthdays are extra special. Birthdays with US is the epitome of special. We make your birthdays not just a fun filled occasion but an everlasting memory. From 1st birthdays to platinum jubilee birthdays and every year in between, we have got it covered. We expertise in Theme Birthdays by incorporating originality and creativity to enhance and exhilarate your celebration. Be it birthday invitations, booking magnificent locations, birthday cakes and catering, drape and decors, entertainment and return gifts – we have got it all covered!We also work in this city:-Amber, Bassi, Chaksu, Chomu, Jaipur, Jamwa Ramgarh, Kotputli, Mauzamabad, Phagi, Phulera, Sambhar, Sanganer, Shahpura, Viratnagar.

Birthdays are incomplete without balloons. A bunch of vibrant balloons is all you need to add more enthusiasm to the event. We have unique range of balloons in all sizes, types and shapes. Birthdays and balloons go hand in hand, so whether it is a simple birthday party or a gala party with a theme, we cater to the occasion accordingly.

We also organise themed birthday parties which has become a highly demanded way of celebrating an occasion. Balloons add the finishing touch to such parties. Celebrations can never get over without our colourful and dashing bundle of balloons.

When it comes to celebration, one always try to make something different for the celebration so that the attendees remember the occasion’s decoration and get the celebration time memorable for the lifetime, what if I say we have the perfect solution for your celebration decoration need in Jaipur, Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Tonk, Ajmer, Bharatpur. What if I say, our decoration will be the best you may have ever seen and it will in the top list of gossip among all the attendees of the celebration! Yes, we can make it happen in no time. We offer the best balloon and other material decoration service at its best in Jaipur, Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Tonk, Ajmer, Bharatpur!

To be a matter of fact, gas balloons are the only decoration material which can be used to decorate the occasion for any aged person. No age limit comes with using the balloon to decorate the parties. There are numerous types of balloons are available in the market to decorate the particular occasion, but it is bit hectic task to go about purchasing the right balloons as per the occasion and then use them to decorate the place of the occasion. Well, or just let the professionals handle the decoration part for your occasion! Yes, we are the professional decorators in Jaipur, Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Tonk, Ajmer, Bharatpur. No matter what type of occasion you are celebrating, we always have the best collection of balloons. Whether it is normal air filled balloons or helium gas-filled balloons. Using normal air-filled balloons are used to decorate the places like walls, the floor of the area or wrapping those up around the certain piece of furniture or showcase available at the celebrating place. But, gas balloons are more likely to give a life to your party! How?

Let’s say you are celebrating a party at the house for any occasion and have decorated all the places and area you could with the balloons, but still, something is missing. What if we use the gas balloons to decorate selling area of the house and couple of gas balloons left freely in the area, those will float at the middle level of the house between floor and selling. Attendees moving around between the mist of the balloons of different colours and shapes, isn’t it sound amazing! We offer the gas balloons service to decorate the celebration area with it, besides we also use the balloon banquets and other decoration materials to make the decoration amaze the attendees all the daylong till the celebration ends. We materials like fragrance stick to surround the celebration area with pleasant smelling air circulation, besides we use the different shape of artificial balloons material in shape of a star, heart, long stick, sun shape and many more to attach those along with the ribbons and other balloons. These material decorated at the celebration will definitely amaze you.

In case if you are looking forward to planning a celebration in Jaipur, Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Tonk, Ajmer, Bharatpur, get in touch with us for the best gas balloon decoration service in Azadpur and Jaipur, Delhi, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Tonk, Ajmer, Bharatpur. Service from us ensure you, the celebration will be memorable for a lifetime!

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