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Gentlemen! Grooms-to-be! You’ve sent the most elegant invites, participated in many a ceremony, posed for tons of photos & videos, worn the best attire and booked a luxurious wedding venue in Jaipur and Delhi. In short, you’ve put in all the efforts to make your pre-wedding affairs memorable. But what about your big day? Shouldn’t this most important day of your life start with something remarkable?

If you’re looking for something beyond the usual pomp and splendor by wedding bands in Jaipur and Delhi and wish to transform your wedding procession into a never-before-seen classy and glamorous celebration complete with an impactful entry, then have a look at our band, ghoriwaala & baggi services. Whether your choice is dazzling, swanky spectacles or gentle, distinguished affairs, whether you wish to experiment with exotic new trends or stick with the same ol’ traditional route, we promise to deliver the quintessential wedding baraat experience.

What we offer for your wedding baraat

Jaipur Event Management prides itself in providing quality, professional and personalized service tailored to meet each client’s requirements. In just the past 7 years, our team has served countless grooms turning their boring baraats into the cynosure of all eyes. And with a unique blend of elegance, excellence, and experience, we will ensure that you have a successful day in the style that will make you and your guests proud.

Besides providing the best wedding bands in Jaipur and Delhi, we offer everything you need for your procession, be it mounts for grooms (wedding ghori, baggi, elephants, camels, vintage vehicles, exotic or luxury cars), entertainment artists (dhol waalas, mobile DJs, bhangra artists, shehnai artists, dancing girls, wedding emcees or master of ceremonies), decorative elements (Chattars, flowers, lighting, ribbons, mirrors, mashaals) and even fireworks.

What’s more, when you hire Jaipur Event Management for your procession, you get access to a vast trove of premium services that include extensive knowledge of market trends, a large inventory of baraat-related items provided in-house as well as access to the top wedding wedding baraat vendors in Jaipur and Delhi, that too at affordable rates.

Key elements of our wedding baraat services

Whether your procession is small, medium, or large, for every baraat we provide 11 band members (with uniforms), 1 wedding ghori, 1 chattar (also available in daytime), 2 sets of light (10 people carrying lights) and 2 dhols. You can even opt to add a baggi (carriage) to the ghori.

Wedding band

For your wedding, Jaipur Event Management provides you with a long list of the best wedding bands in Jaipur and Delhi. When we say best, we don’t mean discordant musicians in dull uniforms using outdated musical instruments to play loud cacophonies. We mean talented artists who perform with complete focus, attention to detail, impeccable sense, and an artistic verve. We’re talking about professional, experienced and accomplished singers and musicians dressed in vibrant uniforms bringing you the highest quality of vocals, and sound, that too in complete harmony.

Wedding ghori (horses)

We provide beautifully turned out horses, trained by experienced trainers & looked after with the utmost care and respect. These are strong, well-fed, majestic horses that are comfortable around loud noises, bright lighting, and excitement. These lovely animals calmly make their way through the wedding baraat without so much as a flinch.

Wedding baggi (carriages)

Jaipur Event Management offers beautiful horse-drawn carriages that can be adorned with ribbons, flowers, mirrors, LED lights, chattar, ribbons, and other decorative items, to match your wedding baraat theme. These carriages come with a fully attired coachman, in colorful liveries.

All in all, Jaipur Event Management promise to deliver the following:-

A one-of-a-kind wedding baraat experience for the groom
An impressive arrival of the groom, on a magnificent wedding ghori or baggi, that would make the entire bridal party ecstatic
A breath-taking, wow-worthy sight for the guests and onlookers.

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