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Dance Floor Ideas to Make Your Cocktail, Reception or Engagement Party More Fun!

Ok, let’s admit it! When guests arrive at your party, besides the food and drink, glitz and glamour surrounding your cocktail, reception or engagement party, they all look forward to eventually getting down to the dance floor. This is your chance to use that arena to your advantage. Surprise guests with the best dance floor designs they would never imagine to finding at your party. Here are some fascinating ideas to stimulate your creativity!

Themes as Dance Floor Ideas

Have fun dividing your guests into the bride’s and groom’s side with this black and white performance surface. You can either choose to go for the traditional chess board layout or try out different geometric shapes. To make the function more interesting, you can keep games to break the ice between your guests and turn it into a cool and enjoyable party!

Dance Floor Lighting Ideas to Add a Classy Touch

You can have lightings hanging over the flooring or have them projected on the flooring, either way, it’ll look stunning. If you want hanging lights over the flooring, then experiment with the shapes and sizes of lights, as well as their placement. If projection lighting (Weddingz recommended) is your style, then the dance floor is your playground. You can try out different shapes, such as floral designs for an outdoor function or starry shapes to animate wedding dance floors. Couples lately have also been seen projecting their names on the performance surface to give it a personal touch.

LED Dance Floor

Other than the projection lighting, LED dance floor ideas seem to be the new craze at reception and related functions. From twinkling LED lights to all-white illuminated dance floors, this idea is a hot pick for many couples. If you’re more of a disco lover, you could try multi-coloured lights to liven the dance floor and revive the 80s spirit with your guests.

Portable Dance Floor

Are you hosting a cocktail, wedding or engagement party outdoors, but the venue doesn’t seem to have that perfect performance surface you wish it did? You needn’t fret! These cool outdoor dance floor ideas can change the face of your venue completely. Choose from tiled marble or wooden flooring and custom design them to suit your overall décor. These portable surfaces can be pattern painted to add a striking element of elegance.

Acrylic Dance Floor

Always wished to walk on water? With this crazy idea, we’d say you can now dance on water! If your outdoor venue features a swimming pool, cover it with acrylic flooring and make it the most unique dance floor one could imagine at a function.

Other acrylic dance floor ideas include experimenting with shapes of the flooring you’d love to shake or break a leg on. Bored of the squares and rectangular shapes? Go for circular or hexagon, the choice is yours. You could also try-on bright colours for the acrylic flooring to amplify the centre-piece.

Wedding Dance Floor

You could also pick vinyl or decals. These options make you think out-of-the-box. You can choose different colours and patterns that can pop the surface or print words on them that best describe you as a couple.

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