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Mayur dance portrays the beautiful dance performed by the peacock before rainfall. This dance, performed during the monsoon season to celebrate the greenery brought by the rain.
The Mayur dance depicts the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna in his eagerness to please his beloved, changes into a peacock and dances.

He is joined by Radha in this dance. The dancers attire themselves in peacock costumes, which are attached with colorful feathers. The movements capture the mood of the peacock in its full splendor. The beautiful tilts and turns of the head and wings performed by the dancers contain a typical style and charm.

Mayur dance (Nritya) is comes from an era of love between Krishna & Radha. This dance belongs to the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. In that Radha , pinning for Krishna after a brief separation, decides to console herself by the sight of peacocks, whose feathers, Krishna wears on his crown, at the Mor Kuti pavillion. Krishna Knowing her mind from afar, playfully causes the peacocks to disappear, leaving Radha distraught. He eventually yields to Radha’s entreaties and himself appears in the guise of a peacock to dance with his beloved.

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